Blizzard is my FAVORITE white dahlia. Gifted to me by a local flower famer when I was just starting off, she is an extremely abundant bloomer with long stems, the more you cut the more blooms youll get.  She also makes great tubers giving you an abundance if you decide to lift, divide and overwinter your tubers.  

She gets very tall...up to 6.5 feet.


4" bloom

  • Note

    All dahlia tubers offered are grown sustainably with so much love in central New Hampshire.  The field is regularly inspected for any sign of disease and the offending plants are always removed and disposed of.  Dahlia tubers purchased from April Showers Flowers will ship out to Southern Growers as soon as it's safe to do so.  I will keep an eye on the weather.  Hoping for March.  I will be Shipping everywhere else in April.  Buyers will be notified when their order has shipped.

    I guarantee dahlia tubers will arrive at your home healthy, true to picture, and with AT LEAST one visible eye. Should there be any problems, please contact me with 2 weeks of receiving your order.  I want everyone to be satisfied however please understandthat I can not be held liable for extreme growing conditions, neglect, or pest damage.  

    Sorry, only shipping to US residents!