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My Floristry Philosophies!

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Harmonizing Beauty and Sustainability


The definition of Floristry; the art or skill of a florist; the flower trade


Floristry can involve the cultivation of flowers as well as their arrangement, and to the business of selling them. Much of the raw material supplied for the floristrytrade comes from the cut flowers industry.

I find beauty in the imperfections.  The crooked spindly stem from a flower knocked over by the wind changes directions so it can reach for the sun and continue to grow.  Or the delicate little peephole left on the tips of a petal by a pesky bug! They can add an unexpected unique whimsical element to an arrangement.


This is real life, nature, and I feel reflects ourselves!  Why are we trying to hide the imperfections and scars we survived though?  We get bumps and bruises along the way but that is what makes us special, unique!  Find the beauty within yourself! If all you see as flaws and imperfections remember…that flower that fell over doesn't think about how it fell over, doesn't question if its still good enough.  It just changes its track and keeps reaching for the sky, knowing that it will thrive. The beauty lies in that it keeps trying.  Even though someone may consider it damaged…there is another someone who will find the flaws to be perfection.

Find beauty in everything!


Did you know that most flowers imported these days have lost their smell?  In order ship flowers across the world they were bred specifically for shipping and shelf life, and through the breeding process the smell has been diminished or completely lost.  Flowers that are shipped are not only packed with a lot of single use plastics, but they are loaded with chemicals to preserve them. Most florists use gloves to handle the flowers that are shipped in because they are so toxic.  I don’t know about you but I don't want anyone that I love or care about going in for a big whiff of that!  


When you keep it local you have so many options for unique blooms that you can’t get delivered!  Not only that but the blooms change through spring summer and fall giving a very different feel to each season.


When you buy local you are supporting a local business (Me!).  And by supporting a local flower business you are supporting the environment.  I have pollinators in abundance (love my pollinators!) since growing flowers and it only helps to bring the ecosystem back into alignment!

Keep it local


Grow and nurture the way

nature would

What does that mean?  That means I grow sustainably!  I found through trials with my health how important it is to feed your body with the best natural food on earth…and this has carried through how I choose to grow flowers.  


Getting a great foundation with healthy soil keeps the plants happy and bugs and pests away! I use compost to feed the soil with nutrition and microbes in addition to organic fertilizer and regular foliar feedings with fish and kelp throughout the season to keep everything thriving!  

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