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Harmonizing Beauty and Sustainability

Hi! I’m April Holmes, owner of April Showers Flowers and I’d love to share with you a little about myself and about how I found my passion for flowers.


From a young age I was never interested in what the newest trend was or the best gaming system, what clothes people were wearing or in general what everyone else was doing.  If anything I often would go in the opposite direction! Why do the same thing as everyone? What is exciting or original about that?


I enjoyed creating art and expressing myself by making my own clothes and dying my hair every color of the rainbow.  I always loved doing my own thing.  

In my early teens, life as it does flipped the script on me.  I developed several health issues (on top of being a type 1 diabetic) which left me with chronic pain and fatigue.  I spent the next 20 years extremely debilitated. I would rarely leave the house except for doctors appointments and it left me extremely depressed, alienated, and lacking a purpose.  I had managed to keep myself semi-operational with a change in diet and natural treatments but still couldn't leave the house for more than a few of hours at a time without being crippled by pain and fatigue.


In 2017 my love for flowers was born.  I had managed to maintain a small veggie garden for several years and decided I wanted to try growing flowers from seed for our landscaping to save some money.  There were so many options of things to grow that I couldn't find at nurseries. So many varieties that I had never even heard of! 


I couldn't have imagined how therapeutic growing flowers would be.  The success of everything that I had brought to bloom from seed had recharged my spirits.  Never feeling any sense of accomplishment due to my health, I realized that the flowers were a missing piece in my life!  As they grew I found myself and my confidence growing with them. They brought me back to the moment, re-connected me with nature and brought so much beauty to my world.  It was as if I was previously looking through a lens of grey and then BOOM...all of the light and colors of life were let back in.


With so much color, texture, and allure the call to start creating came.  I felt like growing was only half of a complete picture when it came to flowers.  Getting my hands dirty and connecting with the earth is amazing, but taking what I grew and making art, flexing those muscles of creation worked a whole different area of the mind/body then growing alone. In 2019 after expanding my growing space, April Showers Flowers was born.  The literal showers of my life brought me here, and I’m thankful everyday. Now I hope to share the healing and abundance of joy and beauty that the flowers have brought me... with you... as I continue on my path to health.



April Holmes


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