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Harmonizing Beauty and Sustainability

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One of a Kind Arrangements



Given the creative freedom I love to try and generate a mood based on who’s receiving the arrangement and what the occasion is for. I believe shape and especially color can have such a huge impact over the environment it’s in...let’s make sure it fits. I call them One of a Kind arrangements. While some may be similar they are NEVER the same. 

When I make an arrangement or installation I’m trying to portray something more then just visual! I want to emote a feeling.  Different color combinations and arranging styles can drastically change the impression and mood of a room! Cooler lighter colors blended with and airy flower bring can bring about a feeling a whimsical playful joy, while warm, darker colors with a structured design tend to show a little more serious sophistication.  


How do you want your arrangement to not only look, but what type of message and feel do you want to portray?  I’d love to work with you and figure it out!  Bring lots of inspiration and trust me to make you something beautiful!



See some examples of my work below!!

Please note-

One of a Kind arrangements start at $45

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