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Summer of 2021


April Showers Flower Shack on Route 27 in Candia! 

Over the winter I realized I needed to take a step back from flower commitments to other people. My health struggling and needing number one priority...but I can still grow amazing flowers...that’s the easy part. My undying love of flowers is still breathing fire and life into my soul and growing has been the best therapy I’ve ever I couldn’t stop yet. Not ready to throw in the towel by any means on this business of mine.

But getting blooms into others hands...that’s where I to continue doing what I love and still make an income without people relying too heavily on me for important events in their life, and me no longer wanting to push through those events at the expense of healing?

A self service honor system flower shack is how! Because of the way our property is I never thought we would be able to do this. I literally pushed the idea from my mind several years ago. But after some thought, planning and putting all my eggs into this basket, we’ve been waiting for months to attend our towns monthly zoning board meeting to get the proper variances and gain approval. 

Well we got approval so April Showers Flower Shack is officially a go and will be opening summer 2021!! You’ll find hand tied bouquets, small ball jar type arrangements, and hopefully as the season progresses with more abundance, flowers by the stem to create your own ball jar arrangements. I’ll also have mandala prints available. Parking will be behind the shop so no need to park on busy Rt 27.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support me throughout this journey. It hasn’t been easy, lots of fear and uncertainty over the future of the business and my health...but I’ve met so many beautiful people along the way, and it really is the support and encouragement by loved ones and perfect strangers that has enabled me to continue on this journey with a flower filled life and hope for the future. 

Thank you for being on this path with me.

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