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Harmonizing Beauty and Sustainability

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Weddings and Events

April Showers Flowers is pleased to offer flowers for smaller intimate events and weddings.  Flexibility is always encouraged as blooms are constantly changing in the field throughout the seasons.  


Send me a message and lets cultivate a beautiful day!

Bridget and Shane

25 Kim and Bridget close 62620.jpeg

Ryann and Mike

Lindsay and Anthony


Please Note!


Because I believe so strongly in local blooms I only take on events from late June-September.  If you are looking for that exact Koko Loko rose we may not be a match, and that’s ok! But if you keep your mind open, bring lots of inspiration, and trust me to create something amazing, beautiful and one of a kind, you may find that flower you “needed” can be replaced with something just as incredible, and we can take your inspiration and soar with it to create something unique to you!!  Trust me as your “flower professional” to guide you!  


With that said there are always exceptions! One being flowers for sentimental reasons and the other is due to the finicky often unpredictable nature of well, Nature... if something were to happen to my blooms and we have an event planned fret not!  I will first source locally for flowers (which I often do throughout the growing season if I need additional blooms that I'm not already growing...Support your local farmers!), then I will order US grown flowers,  then from there as a last resort I order internationally.

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