Community Supported Agriculture. 

This isn't your run of the mill grocery store bouquet!  With a purchase of a C.S.A. share you will get a weekly bouquet of flowers that are cut as the sun is setting the evening before pick up, giving you the longest vase life possible.  Packed with unique blooms, every week is a different story written by nature...in color, shape and texture.  When you click on the share you are interested in there are many photos of what was available in 2020 to see what you're getting yourself into!!

Why are they being sold in the dead of winter?!?!  With the purchase of a share you will help get the season started!  Long before blooms come to fruition seeds, soil, and other supplies are needed to get the farm rolling!  

Pick up will be available in Candia NH and Kingston NH...please choose which option you would like!

Please Note!

There are no refunds or cancellations and all shares must be picked up at the designated location within the given times...sorry no exceptions!!  You are welcome to transfer your share to someone or have someone else pick it up!  Just let me know.  Unclaimed bouquets will be donated.


April Showers Flowers uses sustainable practices to provide you with the happiest flowers that support our ecosystem (and pollinators!!).  Farming is a finicky beast and can vary from season to season and within a season. Despite careful planning and hard work, flowers are susceptible to weather, insects, disease, and other acts of nature. 

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